Alpenstueck - Gartenstraße 9

The Austrian kitchen modern style. Thoroughly enjoyed the käsespätzle with Allgäuer bergkäse complemented by a fine glass of grüner Veltliner. Finger-licking good! And all that for an absolute bargain! Their wine list certainly does not disappoint!


Grill Royal - Friedrichstraße 105 (take the steps down along the water)

A massive restaurant. It somewhat reminds you of a busy business restaurant, but once settled in, it grows on you. They serve a variety of beefsteaks from different cows. The decor features a cold store cell from the slaughterhouse pinned against the wall, but fortunately this is for decorative purposes only. Once you have selected a meat dish from the menu, you really are spoilt for choice thanks to a large variety of different sauces and side dishes. Luckily we visited as a couple, so we mixed and matched from each other's plates. The wine list has been expanded with some great choices from German soil.


Chipps - Jägerstraße 35

A vegetarian restaurant, yet non-vegetarians too will be able to enjoy a fine meal here. Once you have made your choice, you can order meat or fish separately. The concept is very attractive and it is real value for money judging by what you get!


Monsieur Vuong - Alte Schönhauser Straße 46

The Vietnamese restaurant of Berlin, they say. The menu changes every two days. If you like the restaurant and you are in Berlin for a prolonged period of time, it's certainly worth visiting again. Unfortunately, they have not quite mastered the art of serving.


Kaffee Mitte - Weinmeisterstraße 9a

With its Italian self-service concept. The entrance of the underground is around the corner and you literally feel the trains roaring past. It makes this place the perfect departure point for exploring the city. Start your journey here with a nice cup of coffee before plunging into some serious retail therapy in this trendy neighbourhood.


Oliv aus Liebe - Münzstraße 8

Certainly worth a try. We thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast and lunch. You are served a delicious egg with a thick slice of brown bread. The interior looks like a bubbly living room, yet modern at the same time. Remember to bring cash, as credit cards are not accepted here.


YamYam - Schönhauser Straße 6

Open daily from lunch till midnight for simply the best Korean wraps and noodle soups. It is often busy, but you never need to wait long before your food is served.


The corner - Knesebeck Straße 31 or Franzoesische Straße 40

The Kiki Niesten of Berlin, and thus pricy. Top fashion is not for the public at large.


R.S.V.P. Papier in Mitte- Mulackstraße 14

If you love paper as much as we do, this shop is not to be missed. They sell a wide range of attractive notebooks and bling bling fine-liner pens by Caran d'Ache.


LaLa Berlin - Mulackstraße 7

This Berlin designer works with exclusive fabrics and soft knitted materials in beautiful colours. A bit pricy, but you get what you pay for, so they say...


Schiesser Revival - Münzstraße 23

If you are looking for underwear with a wink to the past, you have come to the right place.


Kochhaus - Akazienstraße 1

A small supermarket serving meals at the same time. The shop has been laid out according to recipe rather than product groups. It is in fact one big, lifelike cookery book! So if you fancy making green asparagus with Parma ham, you need to go through the entire shop.


AM1 - Potsdamerstraße 81e (underneath the arch and turn right)

Certainly worth a visit. This is a truly beautiful shop full of inspiring ideas. It offers everything under the sun and prices vary from giveaways to nothing short of daylight robbery!


Cabinet 206 - Friedrichstraße 71

Jewellery, perfume, CDs, clothing, etc. They truly have everything you need. Yet they are quite pricy compared to the Netherlands. You certainly will enjoy yourself, browsing.


Manufactum - Hardenbergstraße 4-5

Small department store full of products from days gone by. It has a rural feel to it. It is full of products which we thought they were no longer made. How wrong we were!


VooStore - Orianienstraße 24

Start with a delicious cup of coffee and then take a tour through the shop. You'll find wonderful gifts, clothing, shoes and much more for him and her in every price range. The owners have an eagle eye for trends. Visit their website to get an impression of what to expect when you walk through the door.