The Costes Group has different branches, such as L'Avenue, Café Marly and Brasserie Thoumieux.


L'Avenue - Avenue Montaigne 41

Here you can enjoy a delicious omelette, a super Bellini and asparagus with truffle. Still fancy any afters? The cheesecake is a must. By no means cheap, but the outdoor cafe is heated in a prime location to watch and be watched.


Café Marly - Rue de Rivoli 93 - Palais du Louvre

Café Marly serves an excellent lunch with views of the Louvre. Thierry Costes lets you discover trendy Paris and understands the finer details of good food. Café Marly serves an excellent lunch. If a plate of red, raw meat does not scare you, the steak tartare is the choice for you.


Brasserie Thoumieux - Rue Saint Dominique 79

A better quality and more refined than you would expect from a brassiere. Shame about the location (it is within a hotel). Comes highly recommended nonetheless when you feel like having an uncomplicated meal.


Les Cocottes de Constant - Rue Saint Dominique 135

Bon chef has three restaurants in a single street. Prices vary from affordable to slightly more expensive. Les Cocottes sits in the middle of the three. It is all in the name, delicious picking and pricking out of small pots. The crab as starters or as lunch is a winner.


Kong - 1 Rue du Pont Neuf

Hip, original and fun restaurant with great panoramic views from the fifth floor. The interior was designed by Philippe Starck. It offers an international kitchen with an Asian twist. You will be able to find better restaurants, yet its location combined with highly attractive waitresses gives this restaurant the WOW!-factor.


Spring - Rue Bailleul 6
Not easy to find, but once you're there you can enjoy a menu that will astonish you with its creativity. Daniel also opened a bistro called La Bourse et la Vie - Rue Vivienne 12. This is already a hotspot, so reservations are recommended.


Chateaubriand - Avenue Parmentier 129

You do need to book a table here. Make sure not to go for dinner too late. This gives you ample time to enjoy the city afterwards and sit down with a glass of wine or cocktail. It is a set menu, but at star-level. The five-course menu is € 45, which includes three amuses. This is Sergio Hermans in bistro style. Your taste buds are treated by one explosion of flavour after another. When in Paris, you cannot afford not to have eaten here.


Brasserie Bofinger - Rue de la Bastille 5-7

A household name for many years, and not just popular among Parisians. Food-enthusiasts from across the globe have found their way to this restaurant. Seriously good food, shame about the service. You would expect slightly more friendly staff, but that's Paris for you. The tables are very close to each other, which I am sure has got something to do with the price per square metre in the city.


Septime - Rue de Charonne 80
It's not easy to get a table here, because it's become a Parisian hot spot. But if you do manage to find a seat, then you're guaranteed to enjoy a fixed menu that will make your taste buds explode. The cosy living room atmosphere is sure to make anyone feel at home.


Le coq rico - Rue Lepic 98

Chicken, chicken and yet more chicken is what's on the menu at Le coq rico. They've never heard of battery broilers here, so you can expect a delectable Bresse or Challans to grace your plate instead.


Frenchie - Rue du Nil 5-6

With his recently published cookbook, Frenchie's star is on the rise. Reservations are a must, but once you're at the table you can order the most delicious dishes. If there's no seating available, try their wine bar across the street, where they serve simple, yet elegant dishes to accompany the excellent wine list. If you where not able to get a spot Frenchie to go - Rue du Nil 9 might be a nice option.


Jones - Rue Godefroy Cavaignac 43

First it was Bones and at the start of 2016 they renamed it into Jones. In the morning enjoy a cup of coffee and in the evening a small dishes accompanied by a good glass of wine.


Many famous chefs have a restaurant in Paris. Try and Google it.


Mama Shelter - Rue de Bagnolet 109

This hotel is run by a father and his two sons. The interior of the hotel is awesome and not a single spot is the same. This theme is extended into the restaurant and the bar. Have you ever seen a lamp made out of inflatable rings? The hotel provides fine sleeping arrangements and the restaurant too comes highly recommended. The family has Italian roots and you can tell by their pizzas. They are delicious. Remember to save some space for dessert, as the strawberry meringue is finger-licking good.


Colette - Rue Saint Honoré 213

Designer store where each item has been hand-picked by the owner Colette. She always wears All Stars and sweeps the floor and operates the till herself. The shop windows are a feast to the eye and the shop offers a fine collection of CDs and magazines. Which is great for us, as we love magazines and this is a one-stop-shop for just that.


Merci Merci - Boulevard Beaumarchais 111

A small trendy store full of nice things to have, ranging from clothing to furniture to magnificent paperwork. Looking for a trendy plastic service in attractive colours? Visit the basement and you won't know what has hit you. Of everything you buy, a small proportion goes to charity.


Caravane - Rue Pavée 6 / Caravane chambre - Rue Saint Nicolas 19 / Caravane emporium - Rue Saint Nicolas 22

Does your home need spicing up? If so, you certainly need to visit these bubbly shops. They have some really nice things for in the home. Great bedclothes, special napkins or funny pottery tortoises. Don't get carried away! Walking through Paris with a heavy bag for the rest of the day is not a joy


L'Eclaireur - Rue Malher 12 and Rue des Rosiers 3 (Marais)

Those in the know say this is the best fashion shop in Paris, apart from Colette's shop full of things to have. You cannot see what is in the shop from the street, as the entrance is a mirror that only opens when you approach it.Cire Trudon - Rue de


Cire Trudon - Rue de Seine 78

Simply the best scented candles around and luckily for us (too bad for them), still unknown to the greater public. Every scent tells its own story. The English illustrator Lawrence Mynott has given the candles splendid, old-fashioned depictions. Our favourites are the great smells of nuns Carmélte and Dada.


Pierre Hermé - Rue Cambon 4

The macarons of Monsieur Pierre are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Don't leave Paris without having tried his masterly macarons. The caramel ones are our favourite.


Deyrolle - Rue du Bac 46

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what's that creeping through the hall? This place is full of stuffed animals. Ask nicely, and they will let you take a photograph. Are you looking for a monkey for on the toilet or a wolf at your door? This is the place to be. Ps. Just a beautiful butterfly is also fine.


Dehillerin - Rue Coquillière 18-20

This is the cookery shop. Do you love cooking and looking for utensils? Don't look any further. Chefs from around the world buy their stuff here. An absolute must for every cookery enthusiast.